oh heyoooo!

okay so this    is where you and i officially become besties and you basically just invite me to come + third-wheel with you guys (exciting, I know!!!)

but there are a few things we should go over first, 

just to be 1000% sure that we're on the same page. 

hiring a photographer is a HUGE deal! and looking at prices can be daunting - trust me, i get it. i'm all about saving where you can. but i also 100% believe that this is one of the biggest investments that you will have for your big day. your special day will come and go in the blink of an eye, but these photos are something that you will go on to carry with you for generations to come!


i also believe that everyone deserves to have someone that best matches their personality + style. so whether you're contacting me about your wedding day, a family or couples session, or just to get to know me a little better - ask away! i'm an open book. i would really love the chance to get to know you personally! i want to make sure that you value what i have to offer - but more than that i want to be your friend! so if after all of this rambling (sorry, not sorry) you think we would be a good match, then what are you waiting for?? say hi, and let's get this party started! i cannot wait to meet you!!

for all other inquiries and/or questions: hey hey heeeyyyy! ask away!! i'd love to hear from you too!

portrait/family sessions start at- $225

couple/engagement sessions start at - $250

local elopements start at  $1500

local weddings start at - $1750

well that pretty much covers it! so what are we waiting for?!?

let's get in touch!

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