let's be friends!

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okokok so

here's what i'm all about:

whether you are a first-timer, or a seasoned-vet who knows the exact vibes that you are going for i think that it's SUPER important to manage some expectations to ensure that you + i are a great fit. not because i'm saying we won't get along, but because i believe 10000% that everyone deserves their dream photographer + i want to make sure that i make this experience the absolute best for you! Okay?!? Okay!!!!

what to expect


OK SO, let me be the first to say that this is not going to be a day of awkward, forced, robot-like head tilts and traditional "prom-esque poses" - OH HECK NO!!! if that's what you're looking for then i'm sorry to say that we may just not be the best fit... AND if you're looking for the cheapest deal to just "get some photos and be done with it", you might want to look somewhere else...

the way i work is all based upon


i really truly want to get to connect + get know you on a personal level. aka I WANT TO BE FRIENDS!!! i want to hear your stories, laugh with you, + have random dance-offs with you!

i invest as much of myself into this experience as you do (promise). the absolute last thing that I would ever want any of my clients to feel is that they are uncomfortable with me as their photographer.


this is not just some "professional work relationship" for me - one of my greatest wishes to come out of all of this is, like i said before, to be your genuine friend.

i want you to be able to look back at your photos and smile as you relive the memories that we made

so basically,

here's the sparknotes:

i'm not going to just show up with my camera + act like a silent bystander at your "picture perfect" wedding - sorry, but that's just not the way things work around here.

i am here to work with you!! i am here to be your right hand (wo)man. i am here to be your friend + supporter. i am here to help serve you the best way that i can - basically, just think of me as another bridesmaid !!

it will be fun.

it will be silly.

it will be genuine.

it will be you


because i am ultimately here to capture YOUR love and who you are.

i am here to capture you.

your passion.

your love.

your story.


i am totally and completely

100% invested in  you.

now tell me your journey

+ let's do this thang!