i've been a creative person for basically as long as i can remember! even as an itty bitty girl, you would always find me drawing, painting, dancing (or at least attempting to), singing - you name it!


i got my first camera when i was in high school for a digital pictures class i signed up for. i would spend most of my free time doing "fashion shoots" with some of my closest girl-friends (you can imagine how GREAT these turned out...) since then, photography has become a great passion of mine + another outlet for my artistic expression (and i promise i've improved a ton haha).

over the past 3 years, i've been doing photography in a more intentional and serious way - investing time into learning my gear, second shooting with other photographers, and continuously gaining as much knowledge as i can about this beautiful industry - and let me tell you, it has been such a blast! 


after assisting some seriously talented photographers, as well as getting the chance to shoot a few weddings of my own, i realized that spending my day laughing and having a blast with super fun + in-love couples is something that i absolutely love to do. 

my story.

oh hi there.


nice to meet you.

i'm aislynn! (but you can call me ais) 

i'm a Winnipeg based wedding and lifestyle photographer, born and raised in the beautiful Canadian prairies.


i love, love, LOVE dogs (especially my own 2 weirdos!) i live off of caffeine + stay up way too late watching reruns of greys anatomy + new girl (which UNFORTUNATELY is no longer on Netflix - yea i know, i'm unimpressed as well).


i sing wayyyyy too loudly everywhere i go. to be completely honest, half of the time i won't even realize that i'm doing it (seriously though. i'll be audibly singing alicia keys in the middle aisle of a walmart, and won't clue in until multiple people pass by me with concerned looks on their faces...)


i have a passion for all things creative + i'm trying my absolute best to spread an obnoxious amount love and kindness to every single person i meet. 

other useless facts.

+ i have two weirdo dogs and i'm *slightly* obsessed with them. (and by slightly, i of course mean WAY beyond the societal norm) their names are oliver (aka ollie) + tucker. my lil' baby ollie is a rescue from a local shelter here in winnipeg (he's not really that little - he's an 80 lbs lab mix); and tucker is a feisty lil' american brittany from somewhere in saskatchewan.


+ my cupboards are quite literally overflowing with tins of DAVIDsTEA because i used to be  a "tea guide" (seriously, i have over 80 tins and somehow think i need to keep getting all the new flavours... it's becoming an issue). i also used to be a "barista" at a nearby starbucks, so i may or may not also have over 10 bags of unused coffee grounds. basically the moral of the story is i know a lot of useless information about the intensive processes of which tea + coffee are made. if you'd like to chat about it any time, i'm your girl.


+ i absolutely adore travelling + exploring new cultures! i've travelled to over 13 countries so far, and recently had the opportunity to live in France in the heart of the wine region for 4 months. it was beyond amazing. like seriously. un-freaking-believable. 


+ i am always, always, ALWAYS down for a karaoke jam session - anytime, any place! (especially the disney classics + 80's ballads - i freaking ROCK those!)

my style.

i  would absolutely LOVE to work alongside you to capture your memories. i strongly believe that your photography is one of the biggest investments you can make + i definitely treat it as such!

i would definitely say that i am a more candid-focused portrait photographer. i love to find those genuine moments that happen right in front of your very eyes. i love, love, LOVE shooting outdoors in natural light exploring nature (now full disclosure i'm not one of those intensely adventurous + outdoorsy people that thrives for intensive week-long hikes, mountain climbing, etc. BUT for you, i of course would do it!). 

you should know right off the hop that i'm not the type of photographer that shows up with the most high-tech gear and fancy equipment - if that's what you're looking for then we may not be the best fit. also, if you're looking for the cheapest deal out there, then you may not find value in what i have to offer. i believe that everyone deserves to work with someone who works with someone who matches their personality and style best!

basically, i don't want to be just your photographer; i want to become your friend and create some beautiful, fun, authentic, real memories with you! i want to be someone that you can be comfortable with and have full confidence in! i am here to serve you the best way that i can + i want you to know that whatever you need to feel comfortable and at ease, i got you! 


SOOOO if you feel that we're a good match, then shoot me a message and let's do this thang!!!





ps. i know that i should be      capitalizing a lot

of things but yenno #doitfortheaesthetic. 

- aislynn

now it's your turn!

tell me your story!

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